Meet the Alumni Relations Team, Lea Sublett

11 May 2015

Lea Sublett has been leading the engagement of alumni at The Australian National University (ANU) for the last three years as Associate Director, Alumni Relations.  Since joining ANU, and moving to Canberra from Ho Chi Minh City, she has had thousands of conversations with alumni which, she says, is key to doing her job well.

While not an ANU alumna, hailing instead from Queensland where she studied a combined degree in Journalism and Asian Studies, the aspect of her job that Lea enjoys most is the "incredible community of students, our future alumni, and brokering opportunities for alumni to support our students and re-connect with ANU and each other".

How did you end up working in alumni relations?

My career plan was to become a journalist, but while studying I was exposed to other options and somehow my narrow career focus evolved into something broader.   I chose journalism as I wanted exposure to conversations with individuals from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds and whose stories I could listen to and write about.  This is a major aspect of my current job at ANU, where I'm privileged to meet and talk with interesting and exceptional alumni and students.

What is your message for alumni?

Stay in touch!  ANU is proud of your accomplishments and the impact you make in Australia and around the world.  We would really like to know more about you, to hear your thoughts and to pass on your stories.  I am also interested in your feedback on how Alumni Relations is performing in its engagement - do you like our communications and events, do we offer programs of interest, what can we do better or more of?

I look forward to hearing from you and meeting you.

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