It pays to build your alumni network

14 August 2020

As you set out on your new journey after graduating, ANU offers you a whole new world of opportunities and support - through your globally connected ANU Alumni network.

Here's why it pays to stay connected.

Helps you deal with change

When you're starting on your next adventure, you may not know many people. Staying connected to a network is like having a community you can connect with, according to Alex Schumann-Gillet (PhD '19) of the ANU Women's Alumni Network.

"When you're in the network you feel you're part of something, as you make that transition after graduating. It is also great to reconnect years later, to share experiences and knowledge with other alumni," said Alex.

When Angus Isles (BA '14, BComm '14) of the ANU New York City Alumni Network arrived in New York, he didn't know anyone in real estate investment. "Through the ANU network, I connected with some very successful alumni working here in my industry," said Angus. "I speak to them regularly and they have been a great resource."

Building meaningful connections

It is important to identify what can help you build the connections you need. With the opportunity to meet thousands of alumni, it helps to keep engaging with the ones you want to build connections with.

"Organise regular catch ups, or keep an eye out for what their company is doing and keep touching base. Ask if they can mentor you or discuss your progress regularly," said Angus.

Contributing to the ANU Alumni social media pages, and updating your contact details is a great way to connect and engage.

"Share your email address with ANU Alumni Relations so you can join any local or virtual events. Or if you have an idea for an event, ask if they can help to make it a reality," said Alex.

Strong link to university

The alumni networks are volunteer-led groups of ANU graduates. This mutually benefits the University and alumni.  The networks give alumni easy access to university activities.

"You also get to drive the agenda for a specific alumni chapter," said Angus. "It doesn't matter if your interest is in finance, tech, physics or culture, you can engage leaders in any field to speak at an event and connect through the network."

ANU benefits from staying connected to alumni across the globe, with many working on really exciting projects or at great companies.

"With a first-hand representation of its alumni, the university can make its interactions more tailored and authentic," said Alex.

Enriching experiences

Staying connected can open you up to some wonderful experiences in unexpected ways. When Alex met an ANU Alumni team member at a lunch, she shared that she was travelling to London. This meeting soon led to her not just connecting with ANU Alumni while in the UK, but also speaking at the ANU Alumni London Connect event.

"It was a great experience to meet these people and gain an international perspective."

Opportunities in the new normal

Today we are in an ever-changing world where uncertainty is the new normal.

"It really helps to talk to people and collect their views and insights," said Alex. "With newer ways of interacting with each other, we can more fully realise the power of sharing ideas and making new connections."

"Being part of the ANU Alumni network is a great way to do this." 

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