Introducing the inaugural LGBTIQ+ Alumni Network Committee

17 December 2018

ANU is proud to introduce the ten members of the inaugural LGBTIQ+ Alumni Network Committee. They have already shown fantastic enthusiasm and vision for the Network, and ANU looks forward to supporting them in delivering a wide range of events and programs. Read their introductions below and find out why they are excited about leading the LGBTIQ+ Alumni Network into 2019.

Ben Gill profile picture

Ben Gill (Co-Chair)

I am excited to be part of the Network to build a community among ANU LGBTIQ+ alum that aspires to help each other grow and to advocate for a more inclusive world. I am also excited by the potential of connecting with future and current ANU LGBTIQ+ students and to help build the capacity of this next generation of leaders.

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Amy Tielu (Co-Chair)

I am a writer, business analyst and researcher of Filipina-Samoan descent. As a member of the inaugural steering committee for the ANU LGBTIQ+ Alumni Network, I am excited to support initiatives for intergenerational mentoring and support, in particular among communities of faith and Polynesian cultural heritage.

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Daniel Fox

Canberra is really growing and becoming a more vibrant city, and through the Network I'm excited to help contribute to ensuring that the queer community is a big part of the growing Canberra community!

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James Griffith

I have worked as a teacher, in food services, as a public servant and in politics. I am keen for the LGBTIQ+ Alumni Network to harness its shared wisdom and experience and ensure queer individuals throughout Canberra can see their community change for the better. I identify as a person with disability.

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Beth Kerrison

I am greatly engaged by the potential of the ANU LGBTIQ+ Alumni Network. I am excited to imagine the role of the Committee in making its contribution to Canberra as a city of diversity, inclusion and equality. I am motivated to be part of such a positive initiative with the chance to facilitate the voice of LGBTIQ+ as one of influence and standing. I am hopeful the Committee can be a source of support for alumni who studied as international students and are back home navigating their way in their professional lives.

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Celeste Kuypers

I am excited to bring together people in all stages of their ANU journey: students, new graduates, and seasoned alumni all have their own contributions to make to the health and vibrancy of the LGBTIQ+ community, in Canberra and around the world. I want to make sure that graduation isn't the end of the ANU story for LGBTIQ+ students, and that they always have a home at ANU and its support no matter where they go in life. I am also excited by the prospect of utilising alumni power to enable more regional, rural and remote youth to join the ANU family.

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Lucia Lee

I’m excited to be part of the network that’s set up by LGBTIQ+ alumni for LQBTIQ+ alumni. I think it’s important that alumni have a focal point for socialising and networking with fellow LGBTIQ+ folk. The network has incredible potential to grow into something that showcases all the fabulous things that LGBTIQ+ alumni are doing after they finish uni.

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Daniel Nguyen

I’m excited to be part of the Network because it is such an amazing opportunity to build a thriving community of LGBTIQ+ alumni that can tap into our collective experience and perspectives. I hope the Network will show that learning and support are available long after you graduate from ANU—you just have to reach out!

William Stoltz

William Stoltz

I'm excited to be a part of this Network as it's an opportunity to highlight the amazing things ANU queer alumni are doing in the world and to show to young queer Australians the limitless opportunities that await them if they work hard and take pride in who they are.

Mathew Warren profile picture

Mathew Warren

My background is in youth social support, arts and museum education. I’m really excited to work with the University's amazing alumni. I see the Network as a great way to harness their collective talents to help create support networks for Canberra’s LGBTQI+ youth through mentoring, social events, and perhaps even collaborative community art projects.

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