Inspirational women of ANU – Building a better world

7 March 2017

To celebrate International Women's Day we are featuring inspiring ANU alumnae who are 'building a better world'.

Do you know an ANU alumna who deserves a building named after her?

We would love to hear about the women of ANU who have inspired you.

And while we can't promise that she will have a building named after her, we would love to share her story.

5 Buildings on ANU campus
that you didn't know were named after amazing women

Hanna Neumann was an inspirational mathematics professor who made abstract ideas accessible.

Beryl Rawson was a path-breaking professor of Ancient History who built a new picture of family life in the early Roman Empire.

Coral Bell was one of Australia's most distinguished analysts of international politics who broke down barriers for women in international relations.

Ethel Tory was a passionate supporter of French and Drama who left a lasting philanthropic legacy at ANU

Molly Huxley was a pioneering historian at ANU with a diplomatic knack for breaking down barriers between colleagues.

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