How to stay connected during a crisis

16 July 2020

The ANU Women's Alumni Network (WAN) have teamed up with Ray Mardia (GDipLegPrac '14, BA(Hons) '13, LLB '12) leadership coach and transformational mentor, to talk self-care during COVID-19! In this video, Ray discusses how to stay connected, reach out to others and let go of perfectionism during a crisis.

Together with WAN'S Katherine Quinn, Ray explores how to be grateful, privileged and human all at once. They touch on Ray's podcast, a conversation initiative called Heart to Heart that has authentic conversations to guide and uplift you as you navigate what it means to be human.

Join in as they delve deep into topics including leadership, relationships, purpose, creativity and happiness!

Ray says: "Part of the [COVID-19] self-care is, you know, creativity and meditation, but sometimes you won't even feel like it. And when those moments happen, you need to reach out to someone."

This is the final video of a three-part series, presented by Ray and the Women's Alumni Network.

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