How to make self-care easy during a pandemic

15 June 2020

The ANU Women's Alumni Network (WAN) have teamed up with Ray Mardia (GDipLegPrac '14, BA(Hons) '13, LLB '12) leadership coach and transformational mentor, to talk self-care during COVID-19!

In this video, Ray speaks with WAN's Katherine Quinn to discuss the different roles women are navigating during the current pandemic. Ray offers insights around how to make self-care easy, mitigate personal guilt, and reframe 'shoulds' to 'wants'.

Ray says: "When we imagine a woman to be taking care of herself, sometimes we imagine bath robes and wearing white, surrounded by fragranced candles...There's an image right, thanks to lifestyle ads. I just want to shatter that."

This is the first of a three-part video series, presented by Ray and the Women's Alumni Network.

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