How to be emotionally intelligent in life and the workplace

17 June 2020

The ANU Women's Alumni Network (WAN) have teamed up with Ray Mardia (GDipLegPrac '14, BA(Hons) '13, LLB '12) leadership coach and transformational mentor, to explore the different roles that women are navigating during the current pandemic and global crisis.

In this video, Ray speaks with WAN's Katherine Quinn about how to be more emotionally intelligent in the workplace and in life.

Ray takes us through key behaviours that are based on a model of emotional intelligence (EI) that's grounded in six core competencies. As the model is behaviour-based, anyone can demonstrate them to be more emotionally intelligent in order to navigate any challenge. EI is a practice and skill. Part of Ray's role as an EI coach is to train leaders and organisations to better demonstrate these behaviours, in order to create high-performing, collaborative teams and workplaces.

Ray says: "The idea is to have six competencies, if you will, or behaviours that can really help people respond to any situation in an emotionally intelligent way."

This is the second of a three-part video series, presented by Ray and the Women's Alumni Network.

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