Cycling to Perth for climate change action and human rights

18 May 2015

Alumna Alida Gyory (BA '09) wanted to make a difference but wasn't sure how to go about it. She also wanted to go on a big trip, get fit and escape Canberra's winter.

The answer, she decided, was to raise money by cycling to Perth, calling it Just 'cause for just cause.

"It's the trip of a lifetime," she said.

"But it fits in with environmental protection and treating people with respect, which I am all about."

Alida will cycle 3,949km from Canberra to Perth departing on June 1 to raise awareness and money for climate change action, human rights and protection of precious natural habitats and resources.

Alida has been cycling all around Canberra since before her university days at ANU. The bike is her primary means of transport and she has done long cycling trips over the years of up to three days. She has been specifically training for Canberra to Perth since April this year.

She will depart from the Aboriginal Tent Embassy and hopes to arrive in Perth at the DNA Tower in Kings Park by August 14.

"I have friends in Perth and I've never been to Western Australia," she said.

Alida left her job at the ANU College of Business and Economics to start planning the practicalities of the three month trip in January.

"At this stage I'll be riding on my own without a support vehicle, with the exception of the 1,400 kilometres of the Nullarbor I'll be doing with a friend." she said.

Alida has been training for her gruelling journey since April. However, she says the hard part is the self-promotion required to raise the funds and awareness which will make the trip all the more rewarding and engaging.

"We all need a habitable planet to live on, fresh water and clean air," she said.

"If we don't deal with climate change we won't be having a happy time here."

Alida will fundraise using the Mycause platform and raised funds will go to Care AustraliaClimate Council and Asylum Seeking Resource Centre.

A launch of just 'cause for just cause will be held on Sunday May 31 from 5.30pm in Kingston and tickets are available.

For more information and how to donate, follow Alida's journey on Facebook, Twitter or follow _alida on Instagram

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