A postcard from New York

My passion has always been to 'dream big but execute'
1 April 2015

Business leader, innovator and volunteer, JuE Wong, CEO of global cosmetics company Strivectin, writes from her New York base a year after being honoured by ANU as the 2014 International Alumnus of the Year.

"Recently I've been singularly obsessed with what I think is The Next BIG Thing!  My passion has always been to 'dream big but execute'.  StriVectin's latest beauty introduction is truly what I am most proud of to date. I set myself the challenge to look for innovative technology to create a wearable device to address firming the architecture of one's facial muscles. I was thrilled to find a clinical technology which was being used by the medical sector to bring back facial symmetry to facial trauma victims. As soon as I understood the technology of pulsating vibrations to massage your facial muscles through one area of concentration (the majority of our 52 facial muscles are connected at the cheek bone area) I knew we could commercialize that technology and made it accessible to anyone who wants a 'gym for their face'.  

I've since gone one step further having the device FDA cleared.  Only time will tell if my passion is shared by our customers and the broader beauty industry.  Now I'm already working on my latest project - watch out for more news and innovation!"

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