2014 alumni highlights

7 January 2015

2014 was an enormous year for the University and alumni community. Here are some of the highlights:


Congratulations were extended to 23 alumni who received a 2014 Australia Day Honour. Achievements ranged from public policy, to sport, history and the arts.


The inaugural Tuckwell Scholars began their ANU journey, a journey made possible due to the generosity of alumnus Graham Tuckwell (LLB '82, BEc(Hons) '79) and his wife Louise.


The University celebrated the announcement of ten recipients of the 2014 ANU Alumni Awards.


The University ran its first two Massive, Open, Online courses (MOOC) with the launch of ANUx.  Courses were run on Astrophysics and Engaging India – the world’s first bilingual English-Hindi MOOC.


The inaugural ANU Alumni Careers Month. Alumni volunteered their time to be involved in speed mentoring, career forums, boardroom lunches and virtual engagement.


Over 100 alumni gathered at the Tate Modern for the London alumni and friends reception to hear alumnus Graham Tuckwell (LLB '82, BEc(Hons) '79) and reconnect with the University. Photos from the event can be viewed here.


Three Silicon Valley based alumni, Dr Tim Sears (PhD '08), Peter Buckingham (BSc (Hons) '00) and Eoin McMillan (BComm '09, BA '09), returned to campus to share entrepreneurial, online learning and career advice with the University, the alumni community and to speak at graduation ceremonies.


Entrepreneurs and alumni Michelle Melbourne (BSc '91) and Phillip Williamson (BSc (Hons) '88, GradCertMgt '03) donated their high-technology software, worth more than $1 million, to help the University streamline its complex administration processes.


The ANU Americas Alumni Leadership Conference was held in New York. 2014 International Alumnus of the Year JuE Wong (BA (Hons) ’87) was presented with her award by the Vice-Chancellor at the Conference. The Hon Nick Minchin (BEc ’75, LLB ‘77), and The Hon Jeffrey Bleich, (Former US Ambassador to Australia) were guest speakers at the annual Alumni and Friends Dinners in New York and San Francisco.


Over 100 alumni returned to campus for the annual Golden Graduates' Reunion to remember and celebrate their time at ANU.


The University embarked upon its first telephone appeal to alumni to support the ANU Fund. Thank you to alumni who donated or volunteered their time to support the University.


The University welcomed another 2,500 new graduates into the ANU alumni community.

The Alumni Relations team look forward to bringing you more exciting alumni programs and events in 2015. Find out about upcoming events on the alumni events page.

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