Women’s Alumni Network: Connecting alumni and graduates

The ANU Women's Alumni Network is excited to welcome our new graduates!

We believe in supporting our female identifying alumni as they move into their chosen life paths. It gives us great pleasure to invite you to a special event organised for new and established women alumni.  

The highlight of this event is the opportunity to hear our more established alumni (those who have been alumni for at least a few years) share their experiences and some useful advice.

To kick-start the evening's proceedings, successful ANU alumna, Amanda McIntyre, will share her experiences as well as the advice she would give to herself as a new graduate. This will be followed by other alumni sharing some serious and some fun advice with our new alumni, to spark some interesting conversations.

Come to mingle, have a drink and enjoy a fun evening of sharing and learning.

We look forward to seeing you there!


About the Network

The ANU Women's Alumni Network was founded on the principles of connecting, supporting and empowering women* alumni of ANU. The Network endeavours to offer women alumni the opportunity to share and learn from one another, as well as reconnect women alumni with the university and its students. We support women alumni by providing professional development and networking opportunities, and celebrating the achievements of women alumni. We believe that by empowering each other in our respective fields we can create a better and more equal society. The Women's Alumni Network welcomes all ANU alumni who identify as female and encourages them to stay connected by joining the Network's Facebook group.

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