[ON DEMAND] How emotionally intelligent are you?

On demand webinar recording.

The recording of this webinar has been embedded above for easy viewing. It can also be accessed via the Advancement Vimeo channel.

Join ANU alumna and leadership coach Ray Mardia (GDLP '14, BA (Hons) '13, LLB '12) as she explores emotional intelligence with Sarena Bunce from your ANU Alumni Team. 

Whether this is your first degree, or third, as a recent ANU graduate, we want to ensure you are supported as you enter, re-enter or transition through the job market.
This event is part of ANU Alumni Class of 2020 Virtual Series, which has been designed to add value to your employability - through the expertise and experience of our ANU alumni community


ANU alumna Ray Mardia (GDLP '14, BA (Hons 1) '13, LLB '12)  is a lawyer and leadership mentor, whose idea of a better future is a more emotionally intelligent one. After several years of working with leaders in the government, community legal and higher education sectors, Ray mentors and advises individuals, entrepreneurs and organisations across Australia and internationally. She's passionate about reconnecting her clients to their authentic values, so they lead fulfilling professional, and heart-centred personal lives. As a leadership mentor, she draws on her experiences as a lawyer, avid reader and certified emotional intelligence practitioner.

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