Inclusive leadership in times of uncertainty

Despite years of well-intentioned and seemingly concerted focus, the recent, tremendous momentum of movements to dismantle structures of unjust power and privilege - including #metoo and Black Lives Matter - has shown that there's still much work to be done before we build a future we can all share.

The devastating impacts of the pandemic have also exacerbated existing inequities, and resulted in narrowed civic space around the world, making it more difficult for communities to meet, discuss, demonstrate and be heard on these issues.

What do the demands of these global movements for diversity, equity and inclusion mean in an Australian context? What does success look like? And why haven't we been able to make better progress?

Join our alumni panel of energetic and emerging leaders as they explore how better progress can be made in this space and what that future may look like.

Julie McKay (MPubPol (Hons) '08) - Chief Diversity, Inclusion and Well-Being Officer, PwC

David Momcilovic (MPubPol (Hons) '07, BA '02, BAsianStudies '01) - Director, ACT Government Office for LGBTIQ+ Affairs

Leila Smith (BA (Hons) '07) - CEO, Aurora Education Foundation

Panel Moderator Alan Wu (GDLP '12, LLM '16) - Board Director, Oxfam Australia; 2016 ANU Young Alumni of the Year