Higher education reforms in Myanmar and the impact of COVID-19

Presented by ANU College of Asia & the Pacific

In this webinar, Professor Chaw Chaw Sein, University of Yangon, will discuss higher education reforms implemented by the current Myanmar government. Focusing on the arts and sciences, Professor Chaw Chaw Sein will also update us on the impact of COVID-19 on the university sector and what this may mean for the reform process.


Chaw Chaw Sein has been Head of the Department of International Relations at the University of Yangon since 2006. She was promoted to the post of Professor in 2011 and is now in charge of both International Relations and Political Science at the University of Yangon.

She travelled to ANU on an academic exchange program from 10 May to 12 June 2015 and presented a paper on 'Institutions in Myanmar 2015 Election' at the Myanmar Update Conference, later published in the book 'Conflict in Myanmar, war, politics, religion', edited by Nick Cheesman and Nicholas Farrelly. She jointly co-organised the 2019 Myanmar Update Conference that was hosted at the University of Yangon with the Myanmar Research Centre.

She has also participated in international conferences, with major presentations including 'Myanmar and the Asia Pacific Policy Context' and 'Enhancing Mutual trust between ASEAN and China'. Her articles such as 'Myanmar's Perspective on One Belt, One Road', 'Myanmar's Potential for BIMSTEC' and 'Myanmar's Democratic Transition' can also be found in the Global New Light of Myanmar today.

This webinar will be recorded.

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