Gala Event - 50 Years of Computing at ANU

Presented by ANU College of Engineering & Computer Science

Join us as we celebrate 50 years of Computing at the Australian National University.

Fifty years ago, 260 students enrolled in an introductory course called Computer Science B01. Nowadays, we typically have over 1200 full time students. In between, we grew from a sub-department of the Department of Statistics to our own department (1976), and now a School. Just as they did four and five decades ago, our alumni continue to blaze new trails across disciplines throughout Australia, and around the globe. 
In recent years, our researchers led the global scientific community in the race to identify variants and develop vaccines for COVID19, twice set computational world records opening new frontiers for energy and medicine, and pioneered decision-making software that will improve safety for helicopter rescue missions and allow robots to make decisions about new scenarios much the way a human being does.
Please join us on 29 April for a celebration of early and recent accomplishments, and a discussion of future direction. This is our first opportunity to host a gala event since 2019, and we are working hard to make it a memorable one for you and for the computer science community.
Dress - semi-formal attire.

50 for 50

To celebrate the gold anniversary of 50 years of Computing at ANU, we seek to raise a total of $50,000 to provide scholarship support to encourage a more diverse student population, including women, rural and remote populations.
A generous anonymous donor has offered to match gifts over $100 and under $25,000. So if you can't be with us 29 April, consider sending a donation and be with us in spirit. Donations of $50 or more will earn you a 50 years in Computing T-shirt - the same one given to gala attendees.

Alumni laureates

It's not too late to nominate alumni laureates for the occasion - one from each of the past five decades - to help us celebrate this milestone and consider how taking stock of our past accomplishments should inform and inspire future endeavours.
Please reflect upon your ANU days and nominate someone who can contribute to this conversation in a way that reflects your experience and your outlook. We want and need your input on who should be featured at this milestone event.



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