Fresh Perspectives in Security - Online Webinar

Presented by ANU College of Asia & the Pacific

This interactive webinar brings together six of Australia's scholars to discuss their arguments in the recent Strategic and Defence Studies Centre's Centre of Gravity series on matters of strategic importance like citizen data, regional health security, protecting refugees and strategic uncertainty in North Korea.


Katherine Mansted will discuss the strategic importance of citizen data and argue that it is a centrepoint for trust in government and Australia's national security.

Sara E. Davies will talk about how national security is affected by public health emergencies like COVID-19, and how Australia can improve its efforts in the region to sustain and strengthen regional health security.

Susan Harris Rimmer will explore the need to broaden the constituency of strategic studies and propose a whole of government policy focused on conflict prevention and mediation.

Claire Higgins will highlight Australia's securitised approach to asylum and refugee policy, and recommend an expansion of resettlement pathways.

Danielle Chubb will discuss and argue for a more coordinated policy response to North Korea which would provide Australia with a reinvigorated analytical capacity to assess the human rights and security situation.

Download this edition of the Centre of Gravity series here:

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This event is brought to you by the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre and the National Security College, The Australian National University.

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