Blockchain and cryptocurrency: Opportunities and challenges in the age of digital disruption

Presented by ANU College of Business & Economics, ANU College of Engineering & Computer Science and ANU College of Law

Since the launch of Bitcoin in 2009, blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies have rapidly expanded. A decade on, distributed ledger technology and digital currencies are reshaping the way businesses operate, offering a number of benefits including increased efficiency and lower transaction costs. However, like all new technologies, blockchain and cryptocurrencies are not without risks. Price volatility and cybersecurity threats pose major obstacles to more widespread adoption, while governments and regulatory agencies are struggling to keep pace with the rapid rate of change.

Join a panel of leading interdisciplinary experts from business, law and technology as they explore the opportunities and challenges of blockchain technology and digital currencies for industry, investors, regulators and policy makers.


Priya Dev - Lecturer and Researcher (Blockchain & Data Analytics, ANU College of Business and Economics)

Philippa Ryan - Barrister and Senior Lecturer, ANU College of Law

John Powers - Chief Strategist, ANU Cyber Institute

Meghan McGrath (Moderator) - Design Lead for IBM Pervasive Encryption and Researcher for the ANU 3Ai

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