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The history of ANU is made up of the stories of our alumni. Every alumni story is unique - a snapshot of their ANU experience, enriched by connections made with friends, partners and mentors during the student journey.

Through 75 Features - nostalgic stories of inspiration and overcoming of challenges - we celebrate the incredible spirit of our community of over 129,000 ANU alumni.

We will add new stories throughout our 75th anniversary until we reach 75 stories, so please come back and visit again soon. Or, click on the button below to share your own story with us.

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From student politics to ACT Chief Minister and Treasurer

I studied a Bachelor of Arts in Policy Studies at the Australian National University (ANU) between 1992 and 1995. Now, I am the Chief Minister and Treasurer of the ACT.

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From debating in the dining room, to the world stage

I grew up in a tiny fishing village in Queensland that has population of around 800 people. I went to public schools and definitely had a very rural upbringing.

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Grades are not everything

For me, going to ANU was about much more than getting good marks. It helped me expand my networks by meeting people I wouldn't otherwise have met.

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My second home

To me, The Australian National University (ANU) is not just an alma mater. ANU is my second home. It's the place that I grew up, both as a young child and intellectually.

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An Aussie kid that ended up at NASA

The people that you meet at ANU, are people you will share a connection with for the rest of your life. That's been true for me, both professionally and personally.

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From Helsinki to Australia’s national university

My first trip to Australia was in 1980. By 1984 I had packed up my life and made the trip halfway around the world, from Finland to Australia, to…

1980-1989AustraliaANU College of Health & Medicine

Finding My Passion at ANU

An important thing about ANU is that it actively promotes diversity through international scholarships, as a result, I was lucky enough to study with…

2010-2020AustraliaANU College of Science

Being the Change

University is hard enough; it shouldn't be made harder just because you are a woman studying in a male-dominated field.   But, as an…

2010-2020AustraliaANU College of Science

Alumni ‘Changing the Game’ Together

I thought I had said 'goodbye' Canberra, the place I had grown up in, when I graduated from The Australian National University in 1985. And, after…

1980-1989AustraliaANU College of Law

A Surprise Reunion with ANU

For my 70th birthday, my family, together with the help of the ANU Alumni team, organised a surprise trip to re-visit The Australian National…

1980-1989AustraliaANU College of Health & Medicine

Our 75th Year

As I celebrate my 75th year, so too does the ANU. While the Bill passed in 1946 to establish ANU was pivotal, it was another decision of the Federal…

1980-1989AustraliaANU College of Science