The University is governed by a 15 member Council. As the governing authority, the primary functions of the Council are:

  1. strategic oversight of the University, including:
  • setting the mission, values and strategic direction of the University; and
  • ongoing review of the success of those strategies.
  1. ensuring effective overall governance and management of the University, including:
  • appointing the Chancellor and Pro-Chancellor;
  • appointing the Vice-Chancellor as principal academic and chief executive officer of the University, and monitoring his or her performance;
  • overseeing and reviewing the management of the University and its performance;
  • ensuring that the strategic goals set by the Council are delivered by effective management systems;
  • overseeing and monitoring the academic activities of the University;
  • establishing policy and procedural principles, consistent with legal requirements and community expectations.
  1. ensuring responsible financial and risk management of the University, including:
  • approving the annual budget, business plan and annual report;
  • overseeing and monitoring the assessment and management of risk across the University, including in its commercial undertakings;
  • approving and monitoring systems of control and accountability for the University and any entities controlled by the University (within the meaning of section 50AA of the Corporations Act 2001);
  • approving significant commercial activities of the University.

The academic standards, management and administration of the University are the responsibility of the Vice-Chancellor, in accordance with the Vice-Chancellorship Statute 2013 and subject to any resolution of the Council.

The Chair, Academic Board, is an active participant at Council meetings.


Category Member Term expiry
Chancellor The Hon Julie Bishop
31 Dec 2026
Vice-Chancellor Professor Brian P. Schmidt AC FAA FRS
31 Dec 2025
Seven members appointed by the Minister Ms Naomi Flutter
30 Jun 2024
Dr Larry Marshall
31 Jul 2027
Ms Alison Kitchen
30 Jun 2025
Dr Anne-Marie Schwirtlich AM
30 Jun 2025
Professor Sarah Pearson
30 Jun 2026
Ms Padma Raman PSM
30 Jun 2025
Ms Tanya Hosch
30 Jun 2024
Deans and research school heads member Professor Craig Moritz
29 Sep 2024
Academic staff (Faculties) member Dr Liz Allen
29 Sep 2024
Academic staff (Institute) member Professor Lyndall Strazdins
29 Sep 2024
Professional staff member Mr Millan Pintos-Lopez
25 May 2024
Postgraduate student member Mr William Moisis
30 Nov 2023
Undergraduate student member Mr Ben Yates
30 Nov 2023
Chair, Academic Board (non voting) Professor Joan Leach


Date & location Deadlines
Thursday 9 Feb, 9am
Agenda deadline
18 Jan
Friday 31 Mar, 9am
Agenda deadline
8 Mar
Friday 2 Jun, 9am
Building 10, Chancelry, L4, Mills Room
Agenda deadline
10 May
Friday 28 Jul, 9am
Building 10, Chancelry, L4, Mills Room
Agenda deadline
5 Jul
Friday 6 Oct, 9am
Building 10, Chancelry, L4, Mills Room
Agenda deadline
13 Sep
Friday 1 Dec, 9am
Building 10, Chancelry, L4, Mills Room
Agenda deadline
8 Nov