Professor Lisa Kewley

ANU College of Science

Research School for Astronomy & Astrophysics

Professor Lisa Kewley offers an analytical, evidence-based approach to policy making and strategic planning. During the current crisis, she believes it is critical to understand the impact of Covid-19 financial decisions on the ANU workforce and its repercussions into the future. Committed to greater diversity, Lisa has developed data-driven university workforce models to inform planning and policy decisions on recruitment, promotion, and retention.  Her analysis of Covid-19 productivity and fixed-term position impacts on the ANU future workforce will inform improved policies towards staffing parity.

Lisa has extensive leadership experience, having served on university committees and many national governance-level boards. In her current role as Director of the ASTRO 3D Centre of Excellence, Lisa aims to achieve 50:50 gender diversity at all levels by 2021, through a suite of recruitment and retention initiatives.

Lisa's research team uses the world's largest telescopes and theoretical models to understand the formation and evolution of galaxies in the universe. She was a Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Fellow and a NASA Hubble Fellow, and now holds a Laureate Fellowship which supports and mentors a range of early career researchers. The Centre of Excellence that she directs supports an interdisciplinary and cross-university approach to training and scholarship.