Professor Kate Reynolds

ANU College of Health & Medicine

Research School of Psychology

Our university is facing unprecedented threats. The next two years will be critical. Council decision-making has to be informed by a diversity of views and especially those of staff and student members. Ensuring all ANU's academic staff have the resources and support needed for continued excellence and growth is fundamental to securing the university's success into the future.

At this time, it is extremely important for at least one of the elected academic staff members to have governance expertise, established relationships on Council and be able to provide both depth and continuity of knowledge about the issues ANU is facing. For these reasons, as a current staff member on Council I am nominating for election. 

Having progressed over the last 20 years at ANU from a Post-doctoral fellow to Professor, I know the challenges academic staff can encounter at different points in their careers. Academic staff are being loaded with non-critical duties and this needs to change.

I have a consultative approach and wide network across ANU which if elected I will continue to utilise (where confidentiality allows) to inform my role on Council.  

My research and teaching expertise is social and organisational psychology (e.g., group processes, leadership, employee health and well-being, performance); areas that are highly relevant to Council responsibilities and deliberations. You can find more information here: or please contact me directly 0418601495. 

I am an effective Council member and hope I can continue to serve in this coming term.  Of course, I also appreciate that academic staff may seek new or different representation.