Professor Kate Reynolds

ANU College of Health & Medicine

Kate Reynolds is Professor of Psychology at the Australian National University (ANU). Her areas of expertise are social and organisational psychology and she has experience in key areas of academic life (e.g., leading collaborative research projects, publications, competitive grants, co-ordinating/lecturing courses from 1st year to Master, supervising/mentoring HDR students & ECRs). The broad research questions that frame her work concern the impact of groups and group norms on individuals' attitudes, well-being and behaviour. Groups can be small or large and refer to when people are connected to one another by a shared characteristic, interest or purpose (ethnic, religious, political, national, attitudinal, work-based). An overarching aim of her research is to develop more effective models of the psychology of behaviour change through the power of group processes and norms. The problems humans face as a species-from social cohesion to health and energy consumption-all require behaviour change as part of the solution.
Kate has received funding from the Australian Research Council (Discovery & Linkage) and Federal and State Governments and her research has appeared in top scientific journals, received media attention and informed public policy. She has published over 100 journal articles and book chapters and co-edited book volumes, including The Psychology of Change: Life contexts, experiences and identities (2015) and Understanding Prejudice, Racism and Social Conflict (2001). Currently in partnership with ACT Education and colleagues she is investigating ways to strengthen schools as an important environment to build positive futures for young people. Kate is also leading the ANU Social cohesion grand challenge project with experts across ANU. A focus for 2019 is developing better measures of social cohesion that can be used in data collection and evaluation by business and government and inform research, policies and planning.
Currently, Kate is  Past President of the Society of Australasian Social Psychologists (2019-2020) and has served as President of the International Society of Political Psychology (2017-2019). At ANU she has been Associate Director of the Research School of Psychology (2014-2017) and a member of other School, College and University committees (e.g., Human Ethics, Research, Equity & Diversity, Academic Board).