Ms Tess Snowball

Manager, Academic Skills and Learning Centre

Division of Student Life

I have over 17 years of experience in higher education in both academic and professional roles. As Manager of the Academic Skills and Learning Centre my work involves direct student support focused on teaching and learning. I also have an extensive background in a range of student administrative and support services. This experience has given me an excellent understanding of the diverse needs and concerns of students from all levels and disciplines. During my four years at ANU, I have a track record of working closely with both professional and academic staff across all Colleges and the central service divisions.

For the last two years I have been privileged to represent professional staff on the Academic Board as one of the elected members. During that time I have also been a member of the Steering Committee and have become very familiar with the processes and procedures of the Board. Aside from my contributions to the Steering Committee and general governance, I have taken a close interest in the issues discussed at Academic Board and have contributed to discussions. One area that I have particularly focused on is academic integrity. As a member of the Academic Board Working Party on Academic Integrity I have been contributing to shaping education, policy and procedure in this important area.