Mr Utsav Gupta

President, Postgraduate and Research Students' Association
BEng (Amity)

Utsav Gupta is currently studying for a Master of Anthropology at ANU and fulfilling two key roles at the University, both as President of the Postgraduate and Research Students' Association (PARSA) and Careers Officer. As PARSA President, Utsav is responsible for steering strategy for the peak student representative body and leading a diverse team of capable individuals to support all postgraduate and research students while advocating for their well-being and building a vibrant community. As Careers Officer, he supports the student base of the University by providing advice on career planning and employability building. Post completion of his undergraduate degree (Bachelor of Engineering) in 2012, Utsav gained professional experience while working for ITC InfoTech (a multinational Information Technology service provider) in IT consulting and later in HR management domains. In recognition of his consulting and management skills, he was recommended to manage resourcing for the UK & EU division of the organisation in 2017, and achieved the highest record for skilled based hiring to support ongoing projects in that region. In addition to professional aspirations in strategic management, and intellectual pursuits in anthropology, Utsav has personal interests in racquet sports, culture & history.     

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