Mr Millan Pintos-Lopez

Operations Manager, Residential Experience Division

Mr Millan Pintos-Lopez is the Operations Manager within the University's Residential Experience Division. His role is focused on supporting the halls of residence in day-to-day operations and in executing whole-of-division operational projects. Prior to this position he worked in the University Work Environment Group as a WHS Consultant, and before that for the School of Art and Design as a Senior Technical Officer. Mr Pintos-Lopez is the elected Professional Staff Member on the ANU Council.

A dedicated advocate and representative for workers, Mr Pintos-Lopez continues to support staff within the ANU and the broader university sector as President of the National Tertiary Education Union's (NTEU) ANU Branch, and through his position as Health and Safety Representative (HSR) advocating for the WHS of staff. He has represented staff within the School of Art and Design and the halls of residence, and through this work as HSR he was also elected as Health and Safety Representative on the ANU WHS Committee.   

Mr Pintos-Lopez has been working as a practicing visual artist for the past decade focusing on the Absurd and its representation through Hard Edged Abstraction and its links to the teachings associated with the Bauhaus School and Dada movement. Through his practice he has had numerous international residencies and taken part in national exhibitions. 

Millan Pintos-Lopez
Mr Millan Pintos-Lopez