Feedback Enhanced Learning and Teaching (FELT) Steering Committee

The Feedback Enhanced Learning and Teaching (FELT) Steering Committee oversees the development and implementation of methods and practices that make use of feedback to enhance learning and teaching at ANU.

The Committee's responsibilities are to:

  1. oversee development and implementation of a holistic approach to the evaluation of courses, with an emphasis on constructive peer review
  2. oversee the development and implementation of triggers for course review, diagnostic tools to support course review, and integration of course evaluation and review into business process
  3. work collaborativley to develop and prosecute programs of work to achieve the identified strategies
  4. provide advice on scope and recommend the required resources needed to implement strategies such as staff, budget and equipment
  5. ensure stakeholder communications are coordinated with the communications of other projects and general operational activities
  6. monitor, review and report on effectiveness of activities
  7. exercise other functions as delegated by the Teaching and Learning Development Committee (TLDC) to the Committee.



Category Member Term expiry
Chair Professor Maryanne Dever
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education & Digital)
ANU College Representatives Associate Professor Roald Maliangkaij
ANU College of Asia and the Pacific (CAP)
31 Dec 2022
Dr Geoff Hinchcliffe
ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences (CASS)
31 Dec 2022
Dr Bronwen Whiting
ANU College of Business and Economics (CBE)
31 Dec 2022
Associate Professor Natalie Lloyd
ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS)
31 Dec 2022
Associate Professor Wayne Morgan
ANU College of Law (COL)
31 Dec 2022
Associate Professor Anna Cowan
ANU Joint Colleges of Science (CHM and COS)
31 Dec 2022
Manager, Evaluations, Planning and Performance Measurements Dr Jason Mazanov
Centre for Learning and Teaching Dr Kim Blackmore
31 Dec 2022
Ms Jen Xiang
Team Leader, Staff Education
31 Dec 2022
Student Representatives Ms Dige Wang
ANU Postgraduate and Research Students' Association
31 Dec 2022
Ms Yasmin Kirk
ANU Students' Association
31 Dec 2022


Date & location Deadlines
Thursday 18 Mar, 1pm
Tuesday 8 Jun, 2pm
FELT 2021/2 – agenda submission
18 May
Thursday 5 Aug, 11am
FELT 2021/3 – agenda submission
21 Jul
Thursday 30 Sep, 11am
FELT 2021/4 – agenda submission
15 Sep
Thursday 11 Nov, 11am
FELT 2021/5 – agenda submission
27 Oct