ANU Singapore Health Hack

ANU TechLauncher is going Global! This June we'll be travelling to Singapore, and partnering with institutions in Singapore to pull off a hack with a grand prize of $10,000.

Come along for this once in a lifetime opportunity to partner up with students from Singapore's leading universities to hack the health system - using Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM).

Dynamic simulation modelling is a system that allows you to use computers to ask 'what if' questions and test the long term impacts of government policies.

Your mission is to imagine you are the health minister for a day, how are you going to allocate your billions of dollars to programs? You will need to weigh up the pro's and con's of different policy settings, and consider what basis you will make major decisions.

Think about the expected and unexpected consequences of your decisions, and use DSM technology to predict the social, economic and environmental outcomes of your policies.

You will have to opportunity to meet and learn from experts and veteran hackathon facilitators

Apply now: Applications close on 27 May 2019, so apply now and don't delay.

Cost: ANU will cover the costs of flights and accommodation for any TechLauncher student to attend this unique event, and entry into the hack is free! Spaces are limited.