ANU student give 5-star on Peking University summer program

18 August 2021

After its opening ceremony on 3rd July, Peking University (PKU) Summer School International 2021 has come to an end on 30th July.

Majoring in the Master of Apply Finance, Agnes, along with other 9 Chinese students from different colleges of ANU, has taken on a new role to spent 4 weeks of studying and living at PKU. She is keen to share her indelible memory at PKU with us.


Anges GUO in front of the Landmark gate of PKU
Anges GUO in front of the Landmark gate of PKU

“The summer program is phenomenal, I am so inspired and exulted,” said Agnes.

“We can choose 1 or 2 from 6 courses in total. I chose Chinese agriculture development and Introduction to China economy, both courses fit well with my major and interest. My course convenor is super apt at explicating theories through using lively and easy-understood cases. After class, she proffered us with opportunities to visit large-scale companies like ByteDance and Schneider Electric, I learned a lot from visiting.”

Apart from ordinary studying life, PKU also proffered students with plural types of speech and activities.

“There are multiple activities for us to choose from. For instance, there are at least 4 academic lectures within a week. Moreover, we can also take part in informal social activities in the weekend, such as culture festival, ancient Chinese tea festivals etc. I am so glad that I cultivated camaraderie with friends from different backgrounds and different universities.”

While learning so many things from PKU summer program, Agnes recommends ANUers actively participate in such a studying exchange program.

“I appreciate ANU to provide us with such precious opportunity, because I am now feeling self-motivated to explore more in my academic area in the future. Moreover, I appreciated beauty of ancient Chinese teaching buildings and Chinese classic style ponds within the campus. I recommend our ANU students to participate in such exchange-like study program to comprehend the quintessence of Chines broad and profound culture.”