‘Red Heart of Australia’ Exhibition and Race to Escape! ‘澳大利亚之心’展览& 密室逃脱

'Red Heart of Australia' Exhibition and Race to Escape! Registration Open NOW! 

About 'Red Heart of Australia'

This exhibition is an inter-museum exhibition exchange program between National Art Museum of China and the National Museum of Australia, showcasing 8 pieces of the national Museum of Australia's collection.

The color red connects Australian aborigines from the past to the present. It's the color of the desert, the giant rock Uluru in central Australia, and the color of a blazing sunset over the water. Red symbolizes the blood of the ancestors and red also runs through every painting in the exhibition. These Australian Aboriginal artists use red to express relationships with the land, family, rituals, knowledge, and the spiritual world. Today, Aboriginal artists use modern technology and media to convey this ancient knowledge and to express the uniquely powerful beauty of Australian Aboriginal art. 

Race to Escape event will be following to the exhibition tour.

Events Details:

  • Date: 2021.08.28 (Saturday)
  • Address: No.10 1st Floor, NAMOC(中国美术馆1层10号厅)
  • Time:  13:30-14:30 Visit National Art Museum of China
  •             14:30-16:00 Race to Escape
  • Registration Deadline: 2021.08.24
  • Registration Link: http://www.namoc.org/ucenter/ticketinfo


Please be noted:

* Please make the appointment with NAMOC through its official website for 13:30-16:00, 28 Aug and arrive at the main gate of NAMOC for group gathering before 13:15 on the day.

*Please confirm with China Liaison Office by sending email to china.liaison@anu.edu.au when your NAMOC ticket is booked.

*Please provide the successful reservation number, full name, contact phone number and ANU ID in the confirmation email. We will confirm with the successful booking students in order by email.  (25 free tickets)