Dr Amanda Barry


Dr Amanda Barry is the founding Director of the Australian National University's China Liaison Office (established March 2017) and is responsible for deepening and strengthening the university's China engagement across multiple research partnerships as well as through student pathways, alumni relations and industry engagement. Amanda is also actively developing student, alumni and careers services in China for current ANU students and graduates. Amanda was previously Director of Academics at The Beijing Center, a research, education and study abroad program at Beijing's University of International Business and Economics, where she delivered programs for foreign students in Beijing. Beijing-based since 2005, Amanda has worked in higher education, cultural diplomacy, business consulting and the arts including at the Australian Embassy, Peking University, the Foundation for Australian Studies in China and The Beijing Center. Amanda is also currently Chair of the China-Australia Chamber of Commerce Education Industry Forum.

Q&A with Amanda

What excites you about the ANU-China relationship?

In a word, its diversity. ANU has deep, longstanding research interests, engagement and expertise in China. Behind this breadth of relationships lies strong people-to-people connections fostered by mutual research interests and collaboration, and an incredible ANU alumni community in China. I'm also excited that so many Chinese students and their families choose ANU for their degree or further study, and that ANU students are travelling to China for study, research and internships in ever greater numbers. ANU, in multiple ways, is making a meaningful contribution to the deeper understanding between the two countries, which can only be a good thing.

What opportunities do you see from this relationship and how do you see the role of the office in facilitating these? 

I am a great believer in interconnectedness and collaboration. So what I see in all of the university's engagement in China to date is an amazing opportunity for my office to better link up and coordinate opportunities for ANU researchers, staff, students and alumni in China, whether that be for example through creating PhD opportunities within research collaborations, or graduate employment and internship opportunities through industry partnerships, or alumni mentorship. Or it could be in research partnerships, or industry linkages that bring the university's cutting-edge research to a wider market. I see my role as a connector and a facilitator to help ANU make the best of all the engagement that's already happening, whilst also thinking and acting strategically to secure the university's strong relationships in China into the future.