Lego Serious Play Workshop

For those seeking an additional 'hands-on', 'minds-on' engagement, Dr Stephen Dann will also be running a workshop on Thursday night using the Lego Serious Play technique to showcase the creative communication capacity of Lego pieces under controlled conditions.

This workshop can be attended individually or in small groups to use the technique for personal goal setting for the 2018/2019 financial year. As replication studies have shown, the same way of thinking is intended to create the same results, and if we want to find new ways to see the world, we need to approach problems and solutions with a fresh set of eyes. Using the Lego Serious Play protocol allows participants to take ideas, often mapped in 2D on whiteboards and notepads, and model them in Lego to introduce new dimensions of height, connectivity and proximity to their thinking.

The session runs for two hours in a small group environment (4-32 people) where you get to meet other participants, explore ideas together and share new ways of thinking. By session end, you'll have experienced the Lego Serious Play process to visualize ideas, model plans and planning processes, and walk away from the night having experienced new ways of seeing your thinking in three dimensions through the medium of Lego pieces.