Contemporary fire management and the carbon industry in Arnhem Land

Across Arnhem Land, in the remote tropical savannas of northern Australia, Aboriginal people annually undertake highly sophisticated landscape scale fire management utilising customary fire knowledge and resourced through their engagement with the carbon industry.

Western Arnhem Land was the birth place of the savanna burning methodology through the innovative and highly successful WALFA (West Arnhem Land Fire Abatement) project. With the introduction of Federal carbon legislation there are now over 70 registered savanna burning projects in northern Australia. These registered savanna burning projects cover a broad range of land tenures including Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Land and all utilise Aboriginal fire knowledge and management techniques to produce carbon credits.

Come along to this presentation to hear about the development and growth of this exciting new industry and how it operates in Arnhem Land.

Seminar flyer (PDF, 208KB)

About the speaker

Dr Jennifer Ansell is the CEO of ALFA (NT) Limited and has worked out of the ALFA office at NARU for the last four years. ALFA (NT) Limited, is an Aboriginal-owned and not for profit carbon farming business created by Traditional Owners in Arnhem Land to support their engagement with the carbon industry. ALFA is the registered project proponent for five eligible offsets projects that produce Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) through engagement with the savanna burning methodology. Jennifer has a background in natural resource management, community and business development. She completed a PhD through Charles Darwin University in 2007 and has been working with Aboriginal ranger groups in the Top End of the NT for the last 20 years.