10 Years of My School. What does it tell us about remote education?

The Australian school information website My School was launched in January 2010. In the initial press release of the website, the Chair of the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority, which runs the site, stated

We expect the data will benefit parents, schools, governments and the wider community to better understand school performance.

Now, with more than 10 years of data what can we say about remote school performance? In this presentation I want to share some of the understandings that emerge from my analysis of My School data about remote First Nations education.

While there has been a lot of criticism about My School and its presentation of NAPLAN results (which represent a measure of English literacy and numeracy achievement), there is a lot more to My School than this. It tells us about every school's workforce, the number of enrolments, attendance rates, percentage of First Nations students, its finances, year 12 completions, what sector it belongs to and more.

This information, once analysed, tells us a lot about how education system is (or is not) working for remote First Nations students. I will share some of my analysis and argue strongly for the site's continuation.