Associate Professor Carol Hayes PFHEA

ANU Educational Fellowship Scheme Co-Chair
ANU Distinguished Educator
Associate Dean Student Experience
School of Culture, History and Language
ANU College of Asia and the Pacific

Associate Professor Carol Hayes is an innovation leader and early adopter in developing and supporting flexible and online learning within Asian Studies at the ANU, pushing boundaries in technical innovation to make language learning more exciting and student oriented.

With a BA Hons (1986) and PhD (1996) in Japanese Literature from the University of Sydney, A/Prof Hayes has lived, studied and worked in and with Japan for three decades, with experiences ranging from high school exchange, postgraduate comparative literature research at the University of Tokyo, work as a translator and interpreter in Tokyo, and even a short stint as a singing telegram during the height of Japan's bubble economy.

Her research focuses on modern and contemporary Japanese literary and cultural studies. She teaches both Japanese language and studies courses ranging from literature, to popular culture and film. A winner of an OLT National Teaching Excellence Award in 2013, Carol also has a strong research interest in eLearning and Japanese language teaching pedagogy, focusing on the relationship between flexible, online learning to student motivation and second language acquisition. The collaborative projects she has initiated include Digital Storytelling, live eChats with Japan, Voice Board Forums and interactive Advanced Japanese Language eTexts (