Professional development

ANU College of Law professional short courses

The ANU College of Law has been offering professional short courses to the public and private sectors for over 15 years.

Students at the ANU College of Law enjoy a high level of academic instruction in areas of the law directly relevant to the workplace. They also gain experience from other experts who regularly visit the ANU College of Law via presentations and guest lectures.

Fore more information visit the ANU College of Law website.

National Centre for Epidemiology & Population Health short courses

We offer a diverse range of 4-day short courses in public health for professional development throughout the year, providing convenient flexible education opportunities for a broad audience.

Our courses are presented by an experienced faculty of public health academics and expert practitioners in the field. They are designed for people already working in population health, who want to refresh their public health knowledge and skills, or those who may be considering a career in population health or related research.

For more information visit the National Centre for Epidemiology & Population Health website.

Centre for Continuing Education

The ANU Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) offers a modern learning environment focused on contemporary education. Our program is as diverse as our community of learners, from continuing education to languages, visual arts to professional development, and topical areas of special interest.

Our spotlight is on establishing your critical thinking and practical skills, giving you real-world experiences for a future limited only by your imagination!

For more information visit the Centre for Continuing Education website.