The Culture of Stimulants – Anthropology workshop

Presented by ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences

However you take them ("hot as hell, strong as sin, black as the devil")  stimulants - especially coffee, tea, and chocolate - have a special place in society. In this workshop we explore the vitality of cafe culture, the conditions of production for these products, and the links between the two. We will take a caffeinated journey into a surprisingly complex world that is part stimulant, part ritual, part business, and all fun.

Have you ever felt out of your depth in a new cultural setting? Maybe even on your first visit to a strange new university campus? Come learn about anthropology and the study of cultural diversity, community, power, and difference.

Whether joining a startup, creating cultural services, building a community partnership, working in public health, or becoming part of a design team - cultural variation is important in a great variety of workplaces, careers, and policies. Anthropology offers a toolkit to make sense of and interpret the vast diversity of human behaviour in a variety of social settings.


This workshop will put those approaches into practice with a fun and interactive workshop where you can try your hand at cultural analysis.