Archaeology Stone Knapping Workshop

Presented by ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences

Archaeology as an insight to the past

"Even a stone can be a teacher" (Kopp, 1985): Knapping workshop

How much do you know about ancient lifestyles and technologies? How were early humans able to hunt and gather their food resources? And what happened after agricultural practices were adopted? By studying archaeology at ANU you will learn about past communities, their cultural materials, their history and how they interacted with their surrounding environment.

In this activity you will learn about the evolution of technology from the first stone tools to today's artefacts, while getting a glimpse to the environment encountered by first populations in Australia.

Join us to travel back in time to discover how stone artefacts were made, what they were used for and how early humans managed to survive in a harsh environment. You will learn how to knap stone tools and you will even take home your own stone artefacts!!