ANU Makerspace at Open Day

Presented by ANU College of Health & Medicine and ANU College of Science

The ANU Makerspace is an environment that brings students and academics together with the resources, tools, and knowledge to work on projects. The space offers students the opportunity to learn and transfer skills, while solving problems in an active research-led way. The ANU Makerspace forges creativity, stimulates the curious minds, and is an interdisciplinary learning space in higher education.

We have 3D Printers, a laser cutter unique to the campus, electronics test and fabrications, hand tools, power tools and more. Student have made everything from 3D printed saxophone mouthpieces, to moulds for metal casting! 

Come see the Makerspace at ANU Open Day see what you can build. We'll have all our machines running and some interactive activities! 

instagram: @anumakerspace