Asia and the Pacific: your passport to the region

Equip your students with the knowledge and skills to become global citizens in the Asia Pacific century. Get involved in our guest lecture series and hear from regional experts on trends and issues facing the region. Whether on campus or in your school, choose from one or more of the lecture topics below:

  • The rise of K-pop and related developments in East Asian popular culture
  • Manga, anime, film and visual arts - the wild and wacky world of Japanese Popular Culture
  • Engaging Asia: Australia in the Asian Century
  • Gender and sexuality in the Pacific
  • Power, resistance and rebellion in Asia
  • Monolingualism is curable! Studying an Asian language
  • Specific language workshop
  • Social Control in China: Friends, Funds, and Fear
College ANU College of Asia and the Pacific
Areas of interest Asian and Pacific studies, global studies, history, archaeology and geography, languages (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, Hindi, Thai, Vietnamese, Sanskrit, Mongolian, Tetum, Burmese) culture, gender, society, international relations and politics
Location On campus or in-school
Year group 9-12
Date Weekdays during teaching periods, excluding public holidays
Time 40 minutes to 1 hour
Numbers Maximum of 100
Format Interactive lecture
Cost No cost