Asia and the Pacific: your passport to the region

>> Who or what will dominate the Asia Pacific region in the 21st century?
>> K-pop, J-pop, Bollywood and beyond
>> The beginning of the end: is the Asia Pacific falling?
>> Witchcraft and sorcery in the Pacific
>> Language fails: the do's and dont's of Japanese, Chinese and Thai.

Equip your students with the knowledge and skills to become global citizens in the Asia Pacific century. Get involved in our guest lecture series and hear from regional experts on the hottest issues facing the region. Whether on-campus or in your school, choose a lecture on one of the topics listed above or create your own!

College ANU College of Asia and the Pacific
Areas of interest Asia Pacific studies, global studies, history, geography, languages (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, Hindi, Thai, Vietnamese), culture, society, international relations, politics and history
Location On-campus or in-school*
Year group 10-12

Weekdays excluding public holidays (February 15 to May 27 and July 18 to October 28)*

Time 40 mins-1 hour (flexible)
Numbers Maximum of 100
Format Interactive lecture
Cost No cost

* In school activity is only available in ACT and NSW and is dependent upon staff availability