Artificial intelligence talk

This session commences with an introduction to the field of artificial intelligence (AI). The history of the field is also examined, starting from the aspirations of the ancient Greeks to build autonomous machines, through to the establishment of the field as a science in 1956, up to contemporary research and achievement such as self-driving cars and computer game players. Links between AI research and science fiction are discussed, and students participate in activities that demonstrate various aspects of AI research including a conversation with Eliza (one of the first chatter-bots), an experiment in probability, and a demonstration of interactive computer vision. More information on the workshops provided by the ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science.

College ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science
Areas of interest Robotics, coding, engineering, computing, artificial intelligence, human-centred computing
Location On-campus or in-school*
Year group 9-12

Weekdays excluding public holidays (February 15 to May 27 and July 18 to October 28)*

Time 1 hour
Numbers Maximum of 50
Format Interactive presentation
Cost No cost


* In school activity is only available in ACT and NSW and is dependent upon staff availability