CBE Challenge – Discover the College of Business & Economics

Presented by ANU College of Business & Economics

Explore the College of Business of Economics and the wider ANU campus in this scavenger-hunt style competition. Take the Discover CBE Challenge and join us on a hunt for answers that will open your eyes to the great environment and study opportunities this College has to offer, and for your chance to win great prizes.

1. Download the Scavify app

Before Open Day, search for "scavify" in the App Store or Google Play and download.

2. Search and join: "Discover CBE Challenge"

On Open Day, sign up to create a username, then search for "Discover CBE Challenge".

3. Explore!

Play around, check out the features and complete tasks and challenges to earn points.

4. Collect prizes

Earn more than 400 points to win a prize at the Discover CBE prize table in the CBE building foyer. The first person to complete every challenge in the game will win the major prize of an iPad mini.

*In the event that nobody has completed every challenge by 1pm, the person with the highest points will be announced the winner.