Angry Birds

This workshop will be held by Professor Jochen Renz and his team who are organising the international Angry Birds Artificial Intelligence Competition. In this workshop, students will learn how to build an artificially intelligent agent that can play the popular game Angry Birds by itself. By integrating their own game strategies, students can further improve their Angry Birds agent.

Students will gain experience using Snap!, a simple visual programming language that is very easy to learn and to use.

This workshop will also look into the fun side of Artificial Intelligence and how it can successfully interact with the real world while students gain hands-on coding experience. At the end of the workshop, we organise a competition where we determine the best Angry Birds agent. For information on the programs provided by the ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science.

College ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science
Areas of interest Computing, computer science, programming, artificial intelligence and coding
Location On-campus
Year group 9-12
Date Weekdays excluding public holidays (February 15 to May 27 and July 18th to October 28)
Time 2-3 hours
Numbers Maximum 36 on campus, in-school numbers dependent upon computer access
Format Interactive presentation
Cost No cost