Reasons to choose ANU

Choose ANU

ANU is Australia's #1 university, ranked in the World Top 20. Our reputation draws students and staff from across Australia and around the world, creating a rich and vibrant campus community where everyone can feel at home.

Of our 20,000-plus students, around 5,000 live on campus; more than at any other Australian university.

We're known for our high staff-to-student ratio too, which means you'll get to know your teachers and they'll get to know you. Our academics are world leaders in their fields. They don't just teach from text books - they write them.

Our degrees will empower you and prepare you for jobs of the future. That's why we're also Australia's #1 university for graduate employability, showing how the educational experience at ANU will help you to stand out in a global jobs market.

Find your degree

At ANU, our degrees let you design your own study program. That means whatever your strengths, interests and passions are, you'll find a degree with your name on it here. 

Head to Programs and Courses to find out more about all our single, double and undergraduate research degrees. 

Bonus points

Never give up on getting into your dream degree. With ANU, you may be eligible for academic or equity Bonus Points

Campus Tours

Don't worry if you missed ANU Open Day. You can take a Campus Tour at any time. Led by students, our tours are tailored to what you're interested in studying, who you would like to speak with, and what you would like to see including student accommodation, learning spaces, research facilities, sport and rec areas, and social hubs.

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Domestic students apply through the Universities Admission Centre (UAC)

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