Engage with leading minds

Research is central to everything ANU does. ANU researchers strive to be among the best in their fields.

Our academics are making vital breakthroughs that contribute to Australian and global society. Just one example is ANU Professor Brian Schmidt, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics based on his discovery that the Universe is expanding at an accelerated rate.

This culture of intensive research shapes the learning experience at ANU. Students at all levels of experience engage with active researchers who provide guidance and mentorship. We offer programs and courses in a range of academic areas that give our students the opportunity to learn from and work with academic like Brian. You can elect specific courses, or combine degree programs, so you can study across multiple academic areas such as those below.

Arts & social sciences

Includes humanities, languages, social sciences, classics, English, creative arts, archaeology, anthropology, politics and more.

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Asia & the Pacific

Includes Asia-Pacific studies, languages, regional security, international business, linguistics, international affairs and more.

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Business & economics

Includes accounting, actuarial studies, business administration, international business, commerce, finance, management, marketing and more.

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Engineering & computing

Includes mechanical and electrical engineering, software engineering, information technology, computing science and more.

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Includes environmental law, commercial law, international law, legal practice, migration law, governance and more.

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Medicine, biology & environment

Includes medical science, neuroscience, medicine, biology, biotechnology, genetics, population health, psychology, sustainability, environment management and more.

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Physical & mathematical science

Includes astronomy, astrophysics, chemistry, earth science, marine science, mathematical science, physics, science communication and more.

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