Non-Award Applications

Enrolling in a non-award course lets you study individual courses without leading to the award of a whole degree such as a Bachelor or Master degree. For example, you might like to complete just one of our courses for your professional development or personal interest, but you might not want to complete a whole degree.

This type of study is not commonwealth-supported and you will need to pay full fees for the courses you take. You can find out how much each course will cost by searching the Programs & Courses website for your course and checking the fees information.

International students should note that the ANU will not issue an electronic confirmation of enrolment (ECOE) for non-award study. You must already hold a visa that allows you to study in Australia.


Some courses have prerequisites, including assumed knowledge and prior completion of other subjects. Please check the Programs & Courses website for prerequisite details, or contact the ANU college that delivers the course.

How to apply

After reviewing the course information, please complete the Non-award study application form and return it to the contact email ( ) on this page. Please take note of the application deadlines on the form.