Guaranteed Entry Scheme


The Australian National University guarantees domestic applicants to undergraduate degree programs an offer in all University Admissions Centre (UAC) rounds, up to and including January Round 1 if you;

  • Achieve the selection rank listed for that program, including any applicable bonus points,
  • Have the program listed as your highest preference, and
  • Satisfy any additional prerequisites or selection criteria. Please refer to the UAC website for details.

The entry requirements listed below apply to UAC Domestic Undergraduate Offers for entry in First Semester 2018. Applications for Undergraduate study in 2018 open on 2 August 2017. Apply through UAC now to be considered:


How to Apply

Submit an undergraduate application through the University Admissions Centre by 1 December 2017, and have an ANU program listed as your highest preference in time for January Round 1 offers. The ANU Guaranteed Entry Scheme will apply to all UAC rounds up to and including January Round 1. See UAC for key dates per offer round:


Guaranteed Entry Scheme Selection Ranks 2018

Program Title Selection Rank 2018
B Accounting 86
B Actuarial Studies*  95
B Advanced Computing (Honours)* 90
B Advanced Computing (Research and Development)(Honours)* 99
B Archaeological Practice 80
B Art History and Curatorship 80
B Arts 80
B Applied Data Analytics 95
B Asian Studies 80
B Biotechnology* 80
B Business Administration 82
B Classical Studies 80
B Commerce 82
B Criminology  80
B Development Studies 80
B Economics 86
B Engineering (Honours)* 90
B Engineering (Research and Development)(Honours)* 99
B Environment and Sustainability 80
B Environment and Sustainability (Advanced)(Honours) 95
B European Studies 80
B Finance 86
B Finance, Economics and Statistics (Honours)* 99
B Genetics* 90
B Health Science* 90
B Information Technology* 80
B International Business 86
B International Relations 90
B International Security Studies 90
B Languages  80
B Laws (Honours) 98
B Mathematical Sciences* 95
B Medical Science* 90
B Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies 80
B Music+ 80
B Pacific Studies 80
B Philosophy (Honours) [ANU] / B Arts (Honours) [NUS] * 99
B Philosophy (Honours) [ANU] / B Science (Honours) [NUS] * 99
B Philosophy (Honours) - Arts and Social Sciences* 99
B Philosophy (Honours) - Asian Studies* 99
B Philosophy (Honours) - Science* 99
B Policy Studies 80
B Political Science 90
B Politics, Philosophy & Economics 96
B Psychology (Honours) 95
B Science 80
B Science (Advanced) (Honours) 95
B Science (Psychology) 80
B Social Sciences (Honours in Actuarial Studies and Economics)* 95
B Software Engineering (Honours)* 87
B Statistics* 86
Flexible Double Arts, Social Sciences, Business and Science*^ 80
Flexible Double Engineering or Advanced Computing*^ 87
Flexible Double Law*^ 98

* This program may have course prerequisites, subject prerequisites, assumed knowledge or additional selection criteria. For information about any additional requirements, please refer to

^ This is the projected minimum selection rank that will be required for entry into the Flexible Double program; the actual selection rank will be dependent upon the degree combination chosen. See the single degree for more information. 

+ Entry to Performance courses is by audition. Applicants wishing to enrol in Performance courses are advised to contact the School of Music to arrange for an audition as soon as possible. E:

For information about any additional requirements or how to apply, please refer to