ANU Spirit of Excellence Entrance Scheme

The ANU Spirit of Excellence Entrance (SEE) Scheme offers early entry to domestic school leavers currently completing an Australian year 12 or International Baccalaureate qualification in Australia. The ANU SEE Scheme gathers together all of our possible offer pathways into a single process, so that our applicants can be considered for as many early entry and alternate offer schemes as they are eligible for.

The ANU SEE Scheme rewards students who are identified by their schools for their suitability for tertiary study under the Schools Recommendation Scheme. ANU will review the student's SRS rank alongside their Year 11 results and, together with recognition of their personal circumstances and achievements from one or more of the below categories, assess them for an early offer to an eligible program.

The ANU SEE Scheme is available for selected ANU programs, however prerequisites and additional selection criteria may apply (see Programs and Courses for further detail).

Selection criteria

ANU will take into account:


Other criteria

Eligible programs

B Accounting B International Business
B Actuarial Studies B International Relations
B Advanced Computing (Honours) B International Security Studies
B Archaeological Practice B Languages
B Art History and Curatorship B Latin American Studies
B Arts B Mathematical Sciences
B Asian Studies B Medical Science
B Biotechnology B Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies
B Business Administration B Music
B Classical Studies B Pacific Studies
B Commerce B Policy Studies
B Criminology B Political Science
B Development Studies B Politics, Philosophy & Economics
B Economics B Psychology (Honours)
B Engineering (Honours) B Science
B Environment and Sustainability (Advanced) (Honours) B Science (Advanced) (Honours)
B Environment Studies B Science (Psychology)
B Environmental and Sustainability B Social Sciences (Honours in Actuarial Studies and Economics)
B European Studies B Software Engineering (Honours)
B Finance B Statistics
B Genetics Flexible Double Arts, Social Sciences, Business and Science
B Information Technology Flexible Double Engineering or Advanced Computing

How to apply

Submit the following applications through the University Admissions Centre (UAC) by 30 September 2016:

ANU Recognised Awards and Achievements

Please note a maximum number of five points can be allocated to an applicant for this scheme.


Admission points awarded

AMEB Music exam Grade 7


AMEB Music exam Grade 8


ANU Chancellors Scholars Program


ANU Elite Athlete


ANU Extension - grade of credit or higher


ANU National Scholars Program


Awarded dux of Year 10


Awarded dux of Year 11


CBE Young Business Leaders Challenge


Model United Nations Assembly- Rotary, Year 11


National Youth Science Forum


National Youth Science Forum - International Program


Principal/School Recommendation (via UAC SRS system) for:

Up to 5

School captaincy


School vice-captaincy



You will receive an ANU SEE offer if you meet the published entrance rank for your preferred program. Visit Programs and Courses for program entrance requirements.

Your SEE entrance rank is assessed by the ANU Admissions Office based on the below criteria:

  • Schools Recommendation Scheme application,
  • Your year 11 grades, which will be converted into an entrance rank by the ANU Admissions Office,
  • Up to 5 additional SEE points for eligible awards, achievements or personal circumstances criteria, and
  • Satisfaction of any relevant prerequisite subjects or additional selection criteria for the program.

SEE applications close by 30 September 2016. You must have your preferred ANU program as your first preference by midnight on 5 December 2016 to receive a SEE full offer.

ANU will make SEE scheme offers by issuing Offer Advice Letters through UAC in the December Round offers on Friday 9 December 2016.

Provided you achieve a final ATAR of at least 70 you will retain your preferred program eligibility. If you achieve a final ATAR of less than 70 you may be offered an ANU Pathway Program as an alternative.

If you are not eligible for a full offer under the ANU SEE Scheme you may be made an alternate conditional offer under the Schools Recommendation Scheme. See the Schools Recommendation Scheme for further information.