Fenner Hall


Advocacy and participation in community

The Fenner Residents’ Committee has a strong tradition of ensuring all residents voices are heard and that opportunities are there for all residents to get involved in the community.

Associate members »

Do you wish to have a collegiate experience and gain some of the benefits of being part of the Fenner community while not living in the hall? You now...

Full social, cultural and sporting calendar

Including participation in the InterHall Sports and Arts competitions and a range of social activities catering to all interests.

Inclusive and dynamic

The community is accepting and fluid, so all new residents are able to find a sense of belonging and be the person they want to be, regardless of their background and personal interests.

Off-campus location

You can gain a true sense of “coming home” at the end of the day, parking is ample and free and there is easy access to other areas of Canberra.

Our residents »

Fenner Hall consists of 516 full-time students of The Australian National University. The hall has an equal balance of male and female, and consists...


Residents are able to prepare their own food in our communal kitchens which are the social hub of the hall.

Strong support networks

Including the Duty Warden after-hours, Senior Residents, Academic Development Program, and supporting and caring staff members who can help residents with any issues they may be experiencing.