Bruce Hall


Our Name

Bruce Hall was named after Stanley Melbourne Bruce, Prime Minister of Australia from 1923 to 1929.

Bruce was a Victorian businessman, lawyer and conservative politician. Although born in Australia, he was educated in England, fought in the British army at Gallipoli, and has been described as being more English in manner than many Englishmen.

He is the only Australian born person to be made a Member of the House of Lords, and he served as the first Chancellor of the Australian National University from 1951 to 1961.

Our Motto

Bruce Hall has its own charter, coat of arms and motto - which translates to 'Happy is the person able to discover the reason for things.'

This suggests one of the great traditions of Bruce Hall: that its residents strive for academic excellence and share a thirst for knowledge and understanding across disciplines and beyond their own subject areas.

There is also a tradition of striving for excellence in sports and the arts, and for encouraging each resident to achieve their own personal best in all aspects of life.

Our Symbol

Likewise, an important emblem for the Hall is Uroboros; the image of a dragon devouring its own tail representing a being containing all life and knowledge.

Several images of Uroboros can be found around Bruce Hall, including a large painting in the Junior Common Room, created specifically for that location by renowned artist Pamela MacFarlane in 1963.

Other references to Uroboros and to dragons are common, including the crest of the Common Room Committee and in the names of Hall publications.