Bruce Hall

Bruce Hall is proud to have been the first undergraduate residence built at The Australian National University in 1961. The Packard wing was built later to serve the needs of the ANU postgraduate community.

Situated on the beautiful Acton campus in Canberra, Bruce Hall has spent the past 55 years establishing itself as a true community of scholars, where individualism is respected and excellence in all things is encouraged. The Hall fosters a self-regulating community where diversity is celebrated and inclusivity nurtured.

A Bruce Hall experience lays strong leadership foundations, with many of our Alumni now enjoying successful careers in the judiciary, Parliament, leading universities and the corporate world. Being an integral part of one of Australia's premier research and teaching universities enhances the opportunities available.

Undergraduate students living in Bruce Hall will be provided with an academic, cultural and social environment along with fully catered accommodation.  Residents come to the Hall from all over Australia and from more than 30 countries around the globe. There is a healthy mix of undergraduate and postgraduate students, all of which adds to the dynamic community environment that exists at the Hall.

All residents are strongly encouraged to become involved in the life of the Hall to take advantage of the many and varied opportunities to further both their own education and the education of others. This website gives but a snapshot of the endless opportunities available here at Bruce.

For 2017 and 2018, new and existing Bruce Hall residents will have the opportunity to be among the first students to occupy the newly built state-of-the-art residence at the corner of Daly and Dickson Roads.  The community will be able to enjoy living for these years in this residence while the New Bruce Hall residence is built. The interim residence was designed with input from students themselves, and will retain the community features that make Bruce Hall so special.

From 2019, the Bruce Hall community will move to the new Bruce Hall, which will be located in its previous location on Daley Road at the head of University Avenue. It will house a community of around 400 students in addition to the Packard Wing.

The Bruce Hall Packard Wing

Residents of the Bruce Hall Packard Wing should note that they also will be moving with the other Bruce Hall residents to the building at the corner of Daley and Dickson Roads for the duration of the construction of the new Bruce Hall.

This will mean that for the year they will not have the same style of room that they currently have at the Packard Wing. Anyone selecting this wing as a preference needs to be aware that they will not have a self-contained apartment but will be in a single room with shared facilities and will be self-catered.

They will move back to the Packard Wing in 2019, along with the rest of the Bruce Hall Community.